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Your County Assessor, Joe Mundwiller

119 East First Street, Room 23
Hermann, MO 65041
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Office Hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm, open during the noon hour

About our office.....

The Assessor's job is to place value on all taxable real and personal property within the county as of January 1st, the assessment date set by State Statute. All county assessors' offices are regulated and overseen the the Missouri State Tax Commission. Monthly visits by field representatives and annual spot reviews of properties aid them in evaluating the Assessor's compliance with the statute requirements.

The assessed value, as determined by the Assessor's office, is a percentage of the market value of the property. The assessment percentage is set by state law and determined by the classification of the property. The classification and assessment rates of real property include Agricultural at 12%, Residential at 19% and Commercial properties at 32%. The assessed property value is one part of the formula in determining property taxes, with the other factor being a tax rate or levy, which is determined by the various taxing entities and jurisdictions. These include eight separate school districts, two road districts, six cities, three fire districts, five ambulance districts, and other miscellaneous levy districts such as the health department, the library, the Sheltered Workshop and the Counseling Center.

In 2013 we assessed 5742 cars, 9503 trucks, 1465 motorcycles, 2 buses, 67 RVs, 1346 boats, 8 airplanes, 5412 trailers, 43 utility vehicles, and 524 historic vehicles. Each of these 24,112 vehicles has to be individually assessed each year. In addition to this we have livestock including horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, poultry, along with exotic animals. We also assess farm machinery, manufactured homes and business equipment.

On the real estate side, we have 14,602 parcels. In Missouri, every odd year each parcel needs to be reinspected and have a value assigned.

In addition to doing the above listed work, we also have to track the ownership and property lines of all the real estate. This is done by analyzing the deeds recorded in the County Recorder's office. The County Recorder's office will record nearly 4,000 documents this year.

So you can see our workload is quite extreme. While computers have lessened the workload for many offices, computers cannot make the job of assessors automatic. I'm quite proud of the quality of the work done by my staff. And I'm equally proud of how we've managed to do it at a fiscally conservative cost to the county.

Additional changes are coming to assist the community. For 2014 look for online personal property filing. Also for 2014, we will have a fee based access to our information for the business that rely upon on our information to do their job.

Joe and his staff are glad you visited this site. Please call the office if you have any questions. They will be glad to provide you with any help and assistance that you may need. Thank you!

Joe Mundwiller

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